Mesh Projects

Please let us know if we’re missing a relevant mesh project or technology:

Commercial Mesh-Enabled Device Providers
  • CoCo Communications — develops and sells tactical mesh network communication devices, focused on first responders
  • Raytheon – sells hand-held wireless mobile ad hoc communication devices, mobile light
Commercial Mesh Infrastructure/Router Providers
  • Aruba Networks — a public company that is a leading provider of mesh routers
  • Cisco —  sells wireless mesh networking routers as part of al arge network equipment and service offering.
  • FireTide – a provider of multi-service mesh routers, most notably for industrial and municipal applications
  • Meraki – a privately held company, derived from MIT’s Roofnet project, producing mesh-enabled routers and network management services
  • Motorola —  sells wireless mesh networking routers as apart of its network solutions offerings
  • Open-Mesh – a privately held company that produces auto-configuring, cloud-managed mesh routers
  • Tropos – a privately held company focused on providing wireless mesh routers to support utilities, municipality, and large business clients.
  • Village Telco (Mesh Potato) – a WiFi mesh access point that implements B.A.T.M.A.N with built-in telephone service support, to improve communications in remote and developing areas
Non-Commercial Mesh Technology Initiatives
  • Commotion Wireless — Project to update and develop OLSR client software for computers, phones, and routers
  • Byzantium — Washington D.C.-based project aiming to create software and documentation for ad hoc mesh networks
  • Free Network Foundation — a group that builds and develops radio towers for communication at protests, and is developing integrated mesh nodes
  • Serval — Mobile software, currently available for Android, that enables peer-to-peer and mesh communication between devices
  • Dovetail — Kickstarter-funded mobile application that enables localized chat and messaging over WiFi and Bluetooth
  • One Laptop Per Child — Project to provide laptops in developing countries which use 802.11s to form mesh networks
  • Open 802.11s – a project to create an open source Linux implementation of the IEEE 802.11s mesh protocol
  • Auto-BAHN — Bluetooth-based Android application for staying connected during a natural disaster
  • Mondonet — Rutgers-based feasibility study of mesh networking
  • Daihinia — Windows software for creating multi-hop ad hoc WIFI networks
  • SolarMesh — Project to create solar-powered wireless mesh nodes
  • Meshkit– A set of software tools being developed by Jonathon Baldwin on top of OLSR to assist in forming reliable mesh networks using.
  • Wireless Nodes Database (WiND) – Online tool for building and tracking mesh networks; used primarily by European networks
Leading Protocols
  • Babel – a leading mesh routing algorithm, implementing loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4 with fast convergence properties
  • B.A.T.M.A.N. – a distance vector algorithm being produced by Freifunk Community.
  • IEEE 802.11s — a mesh networking protocol being developed by the IEEE
  • Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) – a proactive link state routing algorithm for mesh networks